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The Berlin Model counts on its ecological construction concerning school buildings and the principal of participation. The active participation of pupils is therefor desired by the school administration. The pupils become the main contractors of the project. Open spaces and school yards are adaptable for this kind of work.

“Grün macht Schule”, a Berlin institution supported by architects, artists and other technical professions, is an institution founded specifically for projects of this nature. From this very successful practice, different participation methods, as well as general criteria, are developed. Participation creates a stronger identification of students with their school and the surrounding area and helps to accomplish ecological goals. Furthermore it helps to create a more pleasant atmosphere at schools.

The Berlin Model follows equal ecological targets, like the break up of floor covering, rainwater management and the usage of recycling material. Everything happen under artistic standpoints, whereas especially pupil projects will be conducted by seasoned artists and guides.

In that case the available funds can be used goal-orientated. This will enhance the educational and social competence and finally the economical efficiency by a extensive avoidance of incorrect planning.