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First of all the principle of participation with the comprehension of pupils, teachers and parents will start with the collection of ideas and ends with the participation in the construction. These approach should be knotted with traditional and common investments on schoolyards.
School will be more than a learning factory out of grey stone and concrete. If barren schoolyards turn into diversified lounges, school become more important as a living space with quality. Schoolyards, nature-orientated and suitable for children, enhance the creativity and minimise imbalance and aggressiveness of pupils.

Such a process of reformation only makes long dated sense and is sustainable, if future users, as pupils, teachers and parents, will be participated in design and construction.
Therefore the one’s own initiative will be enhanced, the existing creativity will be used and the sense of responsibility will be invigorated. Next to the goods on own account (under technical instructions) a part of construction will be done by the aid of specialised companies on site.